AbsolutelyWindows, formerly AbsoluteWindows and AbsoluteVista.com is a blog about Microsoft Windows, and supporting Microsoft technologies.

On this blog, we will talk about Microsoft Windows client, server, and mobile software. All ancillary products and technologies will also be talked about.

We are extremely opinionated, and we bring you our reviews regardless of whatever  toes we trample upon.

All product reviews undertaken, and/or posted here, are performed under the auspices of SmallBizWindows, our affiliated website.

SmallBizWindows is our primary site allowing discussions and reviews of products important to the SMB space in Windows- and Microsoft-based computing.

SmallBizWindows is undergoing a site redesign, and should be available shortly.

John Obeto
John Obeto is CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Logikworx. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of SmallBizWindows, and the Publisher of The Interlocutor, a newsletter devoted to Small and Medium Businesses from a Windows and Microsoft Technologies standpoint.